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Zenzur Pure Ceylon black tea is carefully crafted to create a more refined taste. we've taken the smooth, rounded taste of our 100% Pure Ceylon black tea range for the most sophisticated tea experience.


Large Leaf (OPA)



Orange Pekoe-A

  • ORANGE PEKOE-A - OPA Tea offered by us is a fine grade of tea, made of long bold and slightly twisted tea leaves, with an appearance of slightly larger leaves in size
  • Feel invigorated as you sip this smooth and robust cup of black tea with probiotics added to help support your immune health.

  • Take a moment to experience the luxury quality and smoothness of Pure ceylon tea. Let the delicate aroma and fine flavours take you into a delicious tea experience.

  • With Pure ceylon black tea we have crafted an intimate and refined tea experience. Specially selected from the ceylon finest tea garden. With a whole new world of flavour, our 100% premium quality tea moments are there to be shared.

  • With our 15 years of tea tasting knowledge our team of experts go the extra mile in bringing you the highest quality of tea.

  • Select From the finest tea gardens.

  • Made with high quality, responsibly sourced tea leaves.

  • Responsibly grown through sustainable farming practices.

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